Wavy Beach Hair

Today, I am going to share how to get sexy, wavy beach hair.....SAID NO ONE.

Y'all, I just can't figure this stuff out. I've tried diy pinterest ideas and they were both a flop. My hair is super fine, thin, layered, thinning.... I'm pretty sure I have the worst hair on the planet....I am glad I have hair, don't get me wrong, but some days, I love it more than others.

So, let's discuss the diy experiment numero uno.

Both ideas I found on pinterst. This one did involve a straightener. The "hair model" sectioned her hair into 2 pieces and twisted them together.. Holding the ends, she ran the straightener over the twist. She untwisted and ran her hands through her hair and it was gorgeous y'all. Seriously. So I said, I can do that. So yesterday after I showered and dried my hair, I sectioned my hair into a top section and bottom section since I have layers. I sectioned the top section into 2 pieces and twisted it. It was about the size of a pencil, no joke. Than ran my straightener over it. I did the bottom next and when I had both the top and bottom sections down, I untwisted it and ran my fingers through it. My results were humiliating....and that is putting it mildly. Here is the result.
I tried salvaging it, but my hair is the type that once a curling iron or straightener touches it, you can't get it to do anything else. Plus, I was already running late. Note to self, wake up earlier during the week to fix hair or experiment on the weekends.

Experiment numero dos. Curling your hair with a sock. Yep, you read that right.

For this technique, you get a sock and cut the toe off. I used one of my dress socks that hadn't had a mate :) I flipped my head over and gather my hair into a high pony tail. I got it a little wet and put my hair through the top of the sock and rolled my hair over the sock, you kind of have to tuck and roll...tuck your hair under the sock and roll, repeat. I slept on it and woke up this morning, just giddy with excitement. And a headache b/c I never sleep with my hair up. Hoping for the best I unrolled my hair and took it out of the pony tail. OHMYGOSH this was the worst experiment to date. It was kinky, frizzy, and just awful y'all! So guess who is wearing a pony tail? Yep, this girl. I have Cross Fit today anyways so it would have ended in a pony tail anyways.

Have y'all tried to get sexy beach waves? Is my hair just not made for it? Out of the two techniques I tried, the first one was better than the last one, so I may just have to keep messing with it until I get it. Or keep researching ideas. Or give up on the idea. I can get some pretty curly hair when I use my curling iron, but I was looking for something a little looser....I may just have to try a bigger barrel on the curling iron.....

Cross Fit

I figured y'all would like an update. My girl and I finished our On Ramp classes last week and I have done 3 classes. No lie, my stomach does flip flops every time I pull into the parking lot! It is SO INTIMIDATING!!!! Some folks aren't overly friendly so that makes it worse. But I have met some nice folks and one lady gave me some really good advice. She said to not get so caught up with what everyone else is doing, you're not there to race against your neighbor for the fastest time or the most reps or weights, you're there to improve your own body and improve your own time. So I have to keep telling myself this. I actually really do enjoy it, I was just getting so burned out on just running. I also really, really need to work on my eating habits. I've done good with cutting back on sugar snacks, cookies, ice cream, etc...it's just that freaking coke. Sigh.


Don't Blink

Today, we celebrate Parker's 5th birthday. How is that even remotely possible? I know it's totally cliche, but it soooooo feels like yesterday we were at the hospital with him. Last night, I just happen to still be awake around 10:30 (strange, I know) and thought, wow, 5 years ago at this time I was in labor.....a few hours later at 4:26 AM, he makes his appearance. My kids are someone who I would seriously go to battle for, I would rather feel pain than to watch them in pain, I would rather lose all my limbs and go blind if it meant to save their limbs or go blind. I mean, that is love right? Kind of reminds me of a certain man, JC. He loved with all he had, he endured pain and suffering for me, for you, for all his children. And I would do the same. So thankful for my salvation and for the honor to be called a mother.

We have started the day off pretty good, a room full of balloons for the birthday boy. And birthday donuts. 

And last night, he helped me make a fruit pizza for his friends at school today. I have to be honest and say that I have never made one before. I used a recipe from Pioneer Woman for the cream cheese mixture and bought the sugar cookie pre-made. So hopefully it'll taste good....I'm sure to a bunch of 5 year olds, they'd eat anything, right? Ha!

Now, let's talk a walk through memory lane, shall we?

Happy Birthday lil man!


My 20-11 Birthday

This past weekend, I celebrated my 20-11 birthday (20+11 = X) or we could call it my 29th 2nd anniversary. Or we could call it what it actually is, but I have an issue with that. I'm not really sure why.....I mean, I have an awesome life, great family, ah-mazing husband, wonderful chillen's, great church, great job, everything is just great, great, great. So I'm not really sure why turning another year older makes me cringe and just curl up in bed? I am taking this year a lot better than last year, so maybe it really does get better :)

We actually had our little cousins with us this weekend. I love watching Baylie (the youngest) play with Parker. Their conversations literally crack me up. I was able to get an early morning run in Saturday and came back to a big breakfast and one of my presents. After breakfast, we loaded up and met our friends the Murray's at the park for a little bit. Played some more, ate some more, left to drop Rylie off at a friends and came home to a cake. (Hubs really knows what I want - ha!) Later on, we met Greg and Angie to drop off the girls and they were actually meeting us for dinner, along with our good friends the Roe's at my favorite pizza place. Cake, Coke, and pizza.....I'm really not to hard to please :)

Sunday was our typical Sunday, woke up early for church, only to arrive late (does anyone else have this problem?) Worked in a Cross Fit work out, laundry, grocery shopping and dinner. I love the weekends!!!

Cross Fit is going well, I have done 2 of the drop-in classes and started my on ramp training yesterday. I have 5 on ramps to do and then I'll be ready to go full force. I know this sounds ridiculously strange, but I am loving it. Every time I pull into the parking lot, my stomach does flip flops and I feel like I'm about to barf. I don't know why I get so nervous! Anyways since I'm turning over a new leaf, that means I need to depart with my love affair of sugar. I mean seriously, if I could live off sugar and chicken/fish, I'd be one.happy.girl. I totally feel off the rocker Saturday (hello - it was my birthday!!!) but had a great day Sunday (only a SIP of Bill's coke and NO SWEETS! Not even a piece of cake!) and Monday was good, I did have 1 coke....today has been okay, I'm doing better with not eating sweets than I am giving up coke. But if I keep it at one a day or one ever other day, I'm ok with that....for now anyways.

We have a busy week ahead of us, Parker's birthday is this Friday and the party is Saturday. We also have our family pics tomorrow. Fun, fun, fun!!!!!