Crossfit is no joke y'all!

Yesterday, I experienced my first CrossFit work out. I have been wanting to join for awhile now so I finally looked it up. They offer 3 sessions for free, to let you try it out and then you sign up. And y'all, this was no joke. I can honestly say that I have never felt the urge to puke after a work out until now. Not even running bleachers or suicides during basketball practice back in the day. I distinctly remember running 20+ suicides after a ball game one night b/c that is how many free throws we missed during a game and lost. Then we had to practice free throws the next practice......all.practice.long.

Anyways, where was I?

Oh yea.....puking....

So before we got started, my new BFF ran through all the drills/circuits with me. And seriously, I thought to myself, is this it? Well Praise the Lord I didn't say that out loud. Because I would have been immobile from that point on. I really like the concept of CrossFit so I am pretty excited to start it....a little demented, eh?

Here is how my work out went (and here is why I am barely able to move today)
  • 30 wall balls (stand arms width from wall, hold a 15 lbs medicine ball chest level, squat and when you coming to a standing position, throw the ball up, aiming for a target on wall)
  • run 1 mile
  • 30 ring up's (can't remember the technical term but you hold onto some rings, walk your body down until you are parallel to floor and pull up)
  • run 1 mile
  • 35 burpees (or up/downs....everyone else's goal was 50, but since it was my first day, BFF said to do 35....well I did those, then he walked over and said, ok, do 50. I love a good challenge, especially if it means me belly flopping to the ground and humiliating myself in front of 30 people....I didn't really belly flop, but I totally could have)
I told my new BFF that I could run all day long, it's this other stuff that I haven't done in a while....but man oh man, I loved the feeling afterward!

So I guess you can say I am hook.....I am dying to have arms like Jillian Michael....that is my ultimate goal. And if I can get the rest of my body that toned, I guess that is just the icing on the cake!!!!



iPhone dump

So I was trying to free up some space on my phone and came across some pictures, some are quite funny....here is my Peyterbug when he could still fit in that car seat! My how long ago that seems!

He has always been a bread lover, just like his momma :)

This was a really, really long but fun night. It was last Spring, like 2011 I think, and we kept having all these horrible tornado's. Well our church opened up one evening for us to take cover. So here we are, hanging out with our friends, waaaaaaay past our bedtimes, and taking cover in the church basement. This is a really bad picture, but just to show you that these little ones were on the move constantly, L to R is Wells, Sarah Kate and Parker.

 After hearing about Parker's trash bag cape (it was literally a trash bag and I won momma of the year award for coming up with the idea) Aunt Sissy made Parker a really cool cape and MAILED it, which if you are a little one, getting anything in the mail is equivalent to winning the lottery. So my poor trash bag cape was dumped by this actual cape, but I am ok with that.

Surfing in Orlando...who said work isn't fun? ;)

 There are no words for this picture....

I have a bijillion pictures of balloonimals.....it's a pretty cool app for your little people.

 When I went to pack for my last trip, I found Parker's Nerf gun stashed in here, cocked and loaded, ready to go.

This child loves salad......actually pretty much any veggie...I'm not really sure he belongs to me?

 My company did a Razorback Helmet and I have taken ownership. Ignore the duck lips.


Reason 543,859,411,229 why we DON'T have cable


Nick Jr has a segment out, "NickMoms".

"The two-hour block includes a reality show called "NickMom Night Out" and "What Was Carol Brady Thinking," in which "Brady Bunch" reruns are laced -- in the style of VH1's "Pop Up Video" -- with racy thought bubbles purported to represent what was really on the family matriarch's mind in the scene. (Sample: "Does Mike think needlepoint is foreplay?"). "



Deep in the Heart of Texas

 This weekend, we hit up Hwy 69 (well, technically, 412 to 69, then 69 turned into 75 but that was too complicated to type.....er, what, I just did. Anyways!) and made our way to the Big D. Hubs was seriously counting down the minutes to the biggest game of his life. Most of y'all know that he is probably the biggest OU fan that has ever/will ever walk the face of this earth and he finally got to go to an OU/Texas game. I am so excited for him. I got him the ticket for his birthday/Father's Day and his BFF's wife got a ticket for Tim's birthday so not only did he get to go the game, he got to go with his bud. And PRAISE THE LORD, Bob pulled out a W for little ol' me! We all met up after the game to enjoy the Texas state fair and it was a big hit. Parker got to do some rides and played a few games. My babycakes only got to do 1 ride b/c of height requirements. We feasted on corny dogs, fried cheese cake, fried oreos, and dippin dots. Big Bill also got to have his first In-N-Out burger....sadly I don't have a picture of that- ha!


Stupid Materialistic Things

Don't you just love a good shopping trip? I do. I love fashion, love to shop, love to spend $ I do NOT have....Anyways, so I am getting the ol' wish list ready for the hubs. In no particular order :


Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

Coach Signature

Coach Poppy

Coach Poppy Flower
  Who doesn't love a good smelling gal?

Here, I have a problem. I love shoes. Boots, flats, heels, running shoes...love them all.

How adorable are these Gianni Bini's???? Talk about your wearwithanythingshoe! Love it!

And who doesn't love a good animal print? Love the pointed toe on middle shoe, thank you Steve Madden.

I really, really need a new pair of running shoes. And you can't exactly just pick some off the good ol' world wide web (well, I guess you could BUT if you an avid runner like myself, you really need to get fitted and see what type of running shoe fits you best) so I won't list any of those because I need to get fitted again....my first choice is always Saucony's, but I have tried on some Brooks that I thought were pretty sweet.

Ok, let me set up the story for you on this one. You see, while I was in Vegas a few weeks ago for work, I happened to see this precious little babe. My first mistake was going inside the store. The second mistake was picking up said handbag. My third mistake was looking at the price tag. It literally burned my hand. if i'm lying, i'm dying! (sorry, heard that the other night and thought it was a cute little saying) I absolutely love everything about this bag. The size, the color, the straps, the leather, it has this ah-mazing feel to it, the leather was burned around the edges to give it that worn in feel. Simply ah-maz-ing. I walked by my soul mate 4 times. FOUR times folks. And every time, I heard, "Ohhhh Jess......please, come hold me again....I don't care if your children dump their Batman/Spiderman/Hulks inside me. I don't care if they hide their hidden treasure in here. I don't care if you just throw me on the floor of your office as soon as you walk in." Seriously, it spoke y'all. I stood my ground, I ignore it, I am so strong. Whatev. All I can think about is that stupid bag!!!! Fast forward a few weeks later, and I am compiling my Wish List, do I put the bag on the list? Hubs would croak, literally croak.  What's a girl to do? A gentle voice whispered, put it on the list, Jess. Ok Satan voice,  I'll include it on the Wish List.

A few minutes later, I get this text

"if u would have bought that bag, you would have been divorced!!! that's insane!"

A little harsh, eh?

I thought so too.

Anyways, I highly doubt that this particular bag will be purchased by said husband, but I like to think of myself as glass half full kind of girl. So stay tuned.....

Oh yea, here's the bag. And it's only $400. only....



Ok. I really didn't mean to leave y'all hangin after writing about my girl Boomer. So sorry. I blinked and the week flew by. Work has been madness. Complete madness. I think someone in my family has had an event almost every night this week, and for a homebody like me, that is too much. And last night, after I got home from a ladies event at my church, I had to get Parker all packed up for his road trip with his Poppy to STL. They are going to spend the next few days with Sis. Parker was especially excited to come to Mommy's work and eat donuts (this is a tradition, thanks to VBS back in the summer) before we met Pops. We are having a bike event tomorrow and have a whole bunch of "swag" stuff to give away and one of the guys I work with found a pair of sunglasses for him.

On Wednesday nights, Parker has Awana's at church and I usually go walking with babycakes. I asked Billy to go this time with me and he said sure......afterwards he also said that he wouldn't walk with me ever again. It was just a few miles....and we walked. Come on Bill! Found Peyton a little piggy to rest on....

Have I mentioned that Parker wants a Chronicles of Narnia birthday party? And he wants to be King Peter for Halloween. Two difficult acts to conquer, but I was able to mark the costume off my list, thanks to ebay. The party is going to be a daunting task though.....on my list of  to-do's are
  • hire 2 sword fighters (I even tried to hire some fencing folks and they don't allow that, but for a small fee of $350 I can have the party there. thanksbutnothanks)
  • if I can't find any sword fights, maybe a couple of high schoolers would work? After all, this is for a FIVE year old's party, surely they won't know the difference?
  • cake - all Parker wants is a sword and shield on the cake. DONE!
  • Invitations - already emailed my ideas over to my uber talented friend Lindsey from back home.
  • Decorations - somehow, I have to turn my home into Narnia, and I have to do this on some sort of budget.....not really sure how much is in that so called budget, but I should probably figure that out. Even though he wants everything from the 2nd movie (with Prince Caspian) I think I will still make my entry way a wardrobe for everyone to come through.....and I will also have some foam swords and shields and crowns for the kids....
What do y'all think????