Thankful Thursday's - My Little Pony

Me and Peyterbug went on a bike ride last night....actually, all 4 of us went but Parker and Billy only made it 1 block - pansies! So it ended up just the two of us. I love when I can spend one on one time with each of the boys (including the hubs!). So we are just riding along and we stumbled along these beauties.

I have actually ran on this side of town numerous times, but all I have ever seen is an empty field. Last night, was a different story. I wheeled up like I own the place (you know it!) and hollered at them. They came strolling right up to me. I thought lil man would like to pet them, but alas, he shrunk away in the bike carrier. Oh well, they were a little on the giant side. But aren't they gorgeous?! I totally would have saddled one of them up and took off.

If I had a saddle.

And if I knew how to saddle...it's been awhile.

Anyways, I thought they were pretty, and I am thankful for God, who created all things, even things like horses.

Genesis 1:31 "God saw all that He had made, and it was very good"


Pre Party Planning

Ok y'all. I have exactly 1 month to plan this little dude's 2nd birthday party! 2! TWO! DOS! DEUX! DUE! DOIS!

How is it even possible that he is almost 2?!!

Pure craziness.

So this little guy loves, lalalalala loves Veggie Tales! So Bob and Larry overkill, here we come. Here are some of my thoughts....I'm still brainstorming and I am open to your ideas!

Food (the most important thing when it comes to parties!)
Other than Parker, there will probably not be another kid at this shin-dig who will eat veggies (Parker eats a tomato like it's an apple - gag!!!!) so all things veggies are out.

BUT what I was thinking was red skittles for tomato's, green skittles for peas, green licorice/sour straws for broccoli, popcorn for cauliflower.....you get the idea.

Made by Robin, duh!

Cupcakes...I think this will be easier to handle than a big honkin' cake.

H2O and Capri Suns for the little monkeys...easy peasy, eh?

Goody Bags
Hand made coloring books, I'm printing 4-5 printables from here, and staple them in a book and tying up 3-4 crayons with them

Picture Booth (the thing I am MOST excited about!!!!)
Big Bill is going to cut me a big piece a wood. Gal pal Caryn is so creative y'all. SO CREATIVE. She should go into business and I'll be her business manager and we will travel the world! :) Gal pal is painting ol' Bob and Larry on that big piece of wood and we're going to do cut outs on Bob and Larry's faces so the little monkeys can pop their head in there and we take their pictures! Afterward, I'm going to get them developed onto a magnet as a little keepsake. Good idea? I THINK SO!

So that's my brainstorming for today (actually all of that was yesterday while I should have been number crunching - hey sales are up, nothing else needs to be done, right?!) What do y'all think about this so far? Anything else I should add? Believe it or not, I do have a budget (I don't know what exactly that number is but there is a budget!!!) so I'm trying not to get all crazy. But two years old is kind of a big deal, ya know?


Our weekend!

Hey y'all! How was the weekend? Ours was pretty good. We really didn't have an agenda, just hanging out. Saturday, me and the babies hit up the playground, farmers market (per Parker's request - I got the best bag of kettle corn popcorn! It was just simply amazing! Poor kid hardly got to eat any of it, Momma pretty much inhaled it!) and the splashpark. This was all before noon!

After a great Sunday morning of worship and lunch/naps, we took the boys to the NWA Naturals game...

note to self, must by tickets online to avoid the horrific lines!!!! gee whiz!!!!

the boys mostly rolled around in the grass but had a ball. Around the 5th inning, I convinced Big Bill that I NEEDED a funnel cake. With a Coke of course. It took a little longer than expected, so Peyterbug and I decided to have a mini photo shoot....

We pretty much like the open mouth pose, you will see it again in just a few moments.....

Bottom of the 8th inning and I finally received my funnel cake!!!! I think he just wanted to see if I would hold out for it, which I did :)

Parker was having a blast shaking his groove thing to the music. I never knew he liked to dance! I do have a video, but I'm not genius enough to rotate it upright so I won't post it.

I LALALALALA LOVE this picture of them :) So sweet!

 Sporting their Superman shirts

On Monday, we decided to meet up with some friends at the lake. Here we are pre-lake, hence the happy boy.

They have a couple of jet skies and we figured Parker would like to ride them. He was a little timid at first (I would be too if I had to ride with Billy!) but then he started to enjoy them.  Peyterbug was not, I repeat, not a fan of the water, sand, jet ski, anything to do with being outside that day. Guess it was a little hot and overwhelming for the little guy. Within 3 minutes of loading up to go home, this was what we saw......

This is the face (and hair!) of a good time! He has already asked Mrs. Kelly (aka Mrs. Berkli - not sure why he named her Kelly!!!) when he could go back!  We all came home and crashed for a few hours, went out for some Mexican food and came home crashed again. Good times were had by all!


Thankful Thursday's - My Home Away From Home

So I am day late in posting my Thankful Thursday's post....yesterday I was running a WM marathon - basically seeing how many WM stores I could go into and take pictures and get yelled out for not checking in....


Back to my "thankfulness"

This my friends, is our home away from home.

FBC Bentonville.

When we first became Arkansans, we struggled with finding a church home. We visited countless churches, when the preacher wore denim overalls and we were the youngest people by 60 years (easily 60 years) and we tried large churches that were televised LIVE and small churches and blah blah blah. To be honest, it was very frustrating. We just didn't feel connected.

Occasionally, we would go to FBC with our one and only relative in AR. She begged us to join their church but we really wanted to find one of our own, one we felt like we belong to and not just because we had family there. So we kept looking.....

and kept getting drawn back to FBC....

until it finally clicked. This is where we are supposed to be. And the fact that we have family in this church was just the icing on the cake.

One thing that we LOVE LOVE LOVE about this church is the children's and youth ministries. At the time we were soul searching, we only had fur babies but knew we would eventually have human babies. The children and youth preachers are a-mazing. Not only do they love the Lord and are excellent at what they do, but they both are from OK :)

Another thing that we LOVE LOVE LOVE is our Sunday School. I always thought that SS was meant for kids, adults don't need SS....well, I was totally wrong. The couples that we have met are seriously our families. We watch each other kids, pray for each other, cook for each other, pray some more, worship and talk freely about our sweet Jesus. I honestly could not imagine my life without my group of gals.

If you are not a believer or don't have a church home, you seriously have no idea what you are missing.


Oldies but Goodies

This past weekend, we loaded up and headed to the World's Highest Hill. First on the agenda was our cousins HS graduation, see el photo numero uno
Sister and I have been around this child since her chili bowl haircut and diaper days and we couldn't be more proud of her. We love you Kell!

The next day, was filled with mud pie makin, squirrel chasin, tractor ridin, yoohoo drinkin' fun. I present, el photo numero dos

y el photo numero tres

While the boys were having all this fun, Momma wanted me and the sibling to go through some old stuff. These are some of my findings......

Going to Grandma's suitcase! How many of y'all had one of these? Apparently, my momma didn't pack like I pack nowadays because this gal needs her whole closet just for 1 night and it ain't gonna fit in here!

 Ahhh....Mandie books.....those of you who didn't read these growing up, sure don't know what you missed....my late Aunt Shirley supplied me and Sis with numerous books, the Mandie books being most of them.
Some of you, might not have been as nerdy cool as me growing up.....I was so cool, I was in the Babysitter's Club CLUB! That's right peeps, I was in the club where I received a new BC book every month. Before my clubbin' days, I would seriously check out around 10 books from the library and have them all read before they were due......see what I am mean about my nerdiness coolness?
El photo numero siete, softabll trophies. I was so excited to take these home, however Big Bill had to bust my bubble and remind me that I made him throw out his bowling (BOWLING!!!!!) trophy so I don't get to keep my softball trophies. Rudeness.....

After a trip down memory lane, we loaded up the babies and meet Poppy for dinner. Pop is a meat and taters kind of man, so of course we had to eat at Logan's. Peyterbug and the peanut bucket became BFF instantly.


They sat us by the fireplace and the boys thought it was super cool. I just can't believe I got all 3 of them looking at the same time! See, sometimes, the moon and stars really do align :)


Where's Parker?

Ok y'all.

Don't laugh.

I repeat, do not laugh.

I swear I know what my children looks like.....but......

Remember in my last post I showed this picture of my boy giving the thumbs up sign to Coach Jason.....

Well....that wasn't exactly my boy.......

My boy was on the pitcher's mound!!!!!!


Now you can laugh.

Ya see, I just happened to glance at that picture again and thought, why did he have his glove on his left hand (he's a lefty) and I looked closer at the glove and it's a left-handed glove.

That's weird.

Oh. Wait. That's not Parker. He's on the pitcher's mound, he played first base last game (they alternate positions every inning/game).

In my defense, Parker did give me the thumb's up sign along with his Coach twice because he went after two balls.....while he was playing pitcher...not on first base.

Go ahead.

Keep laughing.


Weekend in Review

Friday night, I got "invited" (o yea) to my cousins 13th birthday party.....she wanted me there b/c I am cool and hip (her words, I swear!) It really reminded me that

A. I'm getting old....er


B. I am so glad sad that I am not a teenager again! Talk about awkward!!!! Whewww.....

Sadly I did not get a picture of this awkwardness b/c I was too busy shoveling cupcakes in my mouth :)

Saturday was a full day of busyness. Since the birthday girl's sister was "not cool" she got to stay the night at our house and hang out with the boys. We had a birthday party to hit up

   and a T-Ball game to cheer on (go Astro's!!!) Big P giving the "thumb's up" to Coach Jason

we also made a pit stop to view the Batman Tumbler

 Headed to church on Mother's Day

Finished up playing in the backyard

I am super excited for this weekend already! We will all be gathering in P-town to attend our little cousins HS graduation (another reminder that I am getting old....er) and hanging out on Durant Hill. I'm sure there will be a lot of laughter, not so much sleep, and a lot of eatin' go on!


NWA Finest Professionals

A few months ago, I was nominated for NWA Finest Youngest Professionals (what a mouth full!!!). I was one of twenty that was selected out of hundreds in our community based on community involvement and your career today. I committed to raise $2,000 to help find a cure for CF. And on Friday, they held a fashion show and silent auction to recognize all the honorees. I invited my bestie to come with me as this was totally not in Big Bill's comfort zone. We had the best time, I took off on Friday and we spent the whole day with hanging out, shopping, getting mani/pedi's, eating.....it was just like back in the day. We even got our make up done and the lady was like, how do you know each other? We both said,

5th Grade. Mrs. Woods home room :)

Anyways, so we got all dolled up and headed out. It was cocktail attire but strangely enough I saw a few cotton, summer dresses and flip flops as well as sequined party dresses that would be awesome fish bait. Since they recognized all the honorees, that meant we had to walk the cat walk.

....on the cat walk...yea, the cat walk baby...I shake my little tush on the cat walk...

Oh yea.

I totally strutted my stuff (and didn't fall- thank you Jesus) and made it back to my little "x" on the stage and eventually back to me seat. Our hubs were teasing us that we couldn't hang with the cool crowd and we had to prove them wrong. So after the fashion show was over, we were making our way to the "after party" and I see lights. Not just head lights. POLICE CAR LIGHTS!


I was stopped at a stop light and he just flips them on! Surely he was not after me!!!!

Well, he was.

So I pulled over to the right hand lane (after I signal of course) and turned down a side street (again, using my signal) and the little turkey is still behind me.

Office Kissinger informed me that my brake light was out! Of all the things! I just knew we were going to jail and the honey was going to bail me out, kids in tow......horrible. I was seriously freaking out. To make it worse, a back up squad car was called! No lie!!!!! They handed out swag bags at the event, which happened to be BLACK so we had 4 of them in my back seat and boy, those cops were looking HARD! I'm sure they thought we got all dressed up and hit up a liquor store. Talk about stressful!!!!

So anyways, we made it to the after party and stayed a whole 15 minutes. It just wasn't our thing. So we decided to go eat, which IS our thing ;) and made it home around midnight. See, we still got it!

Saturday, Poppy made a visit to watch his little all-star hit a couple home runs.....that also gave us a free baby sitter on Saturday night to go to a friends' 30th birthday party. It was karaoke style and you better believe that I sung me some tunes! I seriously thought Big Bill was going to walk out in the middle of my debut!!!! I can't carry a tune in a bucket AND I mess up the words all the time......so those two combinations alone = disaster! Ha! We busted out some Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (which is actually hard to karaoke to BTW), All the Single Ladies (wha-wha!) That Ain't My Truck........Achy Breaky Heart. Seriously, I hadn't laugh that hard since my girls and I went to a cabin in the woods a few months ago!!!! Good times , people! Good times.......


Thankful Thursday's - 9 years

                                 You still make me laugh after all these years! Happy Anni Big Bill!



This past weekend, hubs and I had a friends wedding to attend.

In Yellville, AR.

I've never heard of Yellville....let alone knew where it was. Our sweet Aunt watched the monkeys for us and we headed off! It was about a 2.5 hour drive but it was nice to actually have a conversation and not be interrupted....or forget what you're saying mid-sentence b/c you had to stop and wipe a snotty nose ;)

Around Harrison, as my husband is zooming in and out of lanes (Tony Stewart, what what!) we happen to pass by this sweet couple

Jake knows the bride from their college days and they were going to her wedding too! It was nice not to be a complete stranger. I had a few WM collagues there also so it wasn't too bad.

The wedding was gorgeous....just gorgeous! It was in an open field, very vintage, "farmy" (is that a word!?), cottagey....the serving ware was old plates and we drank out of mason jars (which I may/may not have taken a few - ha!). There was even this little "photo booth" area that you could "dress up" and take pictures. She even had an old type writer where they wanted you to type them your favorite memory verse! How sweet is that!!!

You can't really tell in this picture, but I was trying to rock a side pony tail. I have a charity event to attend this coming weekend so I "tested" this style out. I was pretty pleased with it...I think it just needs a little more umph....plus it got a little flat being outside with all the humidity.

The bride!!!! Misty is seriously one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet! So blessed to call her my friend. She may or may not be an up and coming actress ;) she has done a few Christian films and was on the set of Friends as an extra. She is very passionate about Jesus, her job(s!!!) and now her new hubs!