good intentions

Y'all, I really do have good intentions on the blog thing. But somehow, my life is flying by on warp speed. I mean, is it really already mid-December? GEEZ LOUISE!

 Let's hope on the ol' memory train and discuss my oldest son's birthday. How in the world is he 5? Seriously? I'm the mother to a FIVE YEAR OLD! He had a great birthday, collected donations to the NWA Children's Shelter, had friends and family over, had a HUGE bounce house, a Narnia cake....he was pretty much in heaven. (invitations were ordered from gal pal Lindsey Hylton, check out her facebook page here)

Thanksgiving happened. We alternate Thanksgiving with our fam bam and stay home for Christmas. So this year was my year and Pop decided to come up. We had a nice quiet little Thanksgiving. Hubby had to work Friday and Saturday so after Poppy left Friday morning, me and the boys loaded up and headed  to P-town.  So thankful that I got to see all my family for Thanksgiving! And believe it or not, I was super sad that we weren't in Ada to see the Nix side. I'm pretty blessed with my in-laws and love spending time w/ them as much as my own family!

 This past weekend, me and the babies headed to St. Louis (again, the hubs had to work - booooo) for my nephew's birthday. This was the first party he's had since they have been in NC since he was just a wee lad. So it was a big party y'all, I mean big. Family and friends from his school and neighborhood all showed up. He kept telling me, "Aunt Jessie, this is the best party ever!" I was so glad we were able to make it, it meant the world to him. He was so cute introducing Parker to all his friends. Those two crack me up! I love how they pick up right where they left off, even if it's been months since they last saw each other. 

I happened to stumble upon www.reindeercam.com last night. Y'all have to check this out if you have little people in your home. At designated times (10, 5, and 8 central time) Santa and an Elf come out to feed the reindeer. Now, let me be frank, if I will.....these reindeer were obviously 6th string. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but one reindeer has already lost their antlers and the other reindeer has lost one side of their antlers. Santa and the Elf came out last night and I guess it was our lucky night b/c the Elf did a little jig for the camera. There is no sound, just a webcam set up. It is totally hokey but boy o' boy, did my boys love it. Y'all should check it out :)

And now for your thatssofunnyicantmakethisstuffup story. I was just about finished with stampin' and a lickin' our Christmas cards when my pile got a little separated. I picked up a card and was like, uh, this isn't my family. I then thought to myself, well maybe they just wanted to send me the actual card so I could see how I edited from what they had vs. to what I designed....oooooo noooo. Not only did they send me another family's Christmas card, but they sent me 16!!!!! 16 Christmas cards that WERE NOT MY FAMILY! I just died laughing. Really, I can't make this stuff up!! So dear family and friends, if you happen to get a card that is addressed with our name and you open it but it is not my family, please know that I had good intentions of sending you a picture of our family but Shutterfly had other intentions.